Heidtman at-a-Glance

  • Established 1954
  • Incorporated 1962 (Ohio)
  • Production facilities: nearly 2 million square feet  
  • Annual processing/distribution capacity: Over 5 million tons
  • Processing facilities: 11 with affiliates
  • Regional sales offices: 5
  • ISO/TS-16949, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 Certified


About Heidtman Steel

Corporate Vision

Heidtman Steel believes in building success through securing strategic mill-adjacent locations, employing sound business practices, and maintaining high standards such as:

  • Meeting or exceeding our customer expectations in regard to quality, service, and price
  • Providing a safe working environment for all employees
  • Continuing to enhance the skills of our employees through on-going training and education
  • Continually improving our processes, equipment and systems in order to be “World Class”



Heidtman Steel Leveling ProcessHeidtman Steel was formed in 1954 by Fredrick William Heidtman. The small, family-owned operation offered only leveling and shearing services when it was incorporated in 1962.


Over the next few decades the Ohio-based company gradually expanded its capabilities, investing in equipment and acquiring or building additional service center facilities in the nation’s leading industrial centers.


Steel slitting equipment came first, in 1971. In the mid ‘70s, the automotive industry began seeking ways to reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency. Heidtman responded by pioneering the marketing of high strength low alloy sheet steels in the service center industry.  Its sophisticated equipment, application expertise, and an ability to supply the most difficult high strength steel applications helped set Heidtman apart from the rest of the service center industry.


In 1979, the company completed a major expansion as a flat rolled steel service center by constructing its first continuous hydrochloric pickling facility in Erie, Michigan. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Heidtman dramatically expanded the size and scope of its operations. Today the company operates facilities within Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland and Ohio, serving 100's of customers across a variety of industries from automotive, truck and bus manufacturers to furniture, appliances and HVAC to other steel service centers.