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Extensive Inventory. Strategic Locations.

Offering a diverse product inventory from several mills adjacent processing centers. Heidtman Steel offers a full range of products requisite of a world-class service center network.



Assured Quality. Impressive Capacity.
Single-Source Efficiencies.

Heidtman’s wide variety of high-quality processing services provides our customers with the single-source efficiencies they demand. Through our extensive service center network, we’re able to control a wide variety of processes in locations throughout the nation’s leading industrial centers, further increasing our cost effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience to our customers.


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Heidtman at-a-Glance

  • Established 1954
  • Incorporated 1962
  • Production facilities: Over 2 million square feet
  • Annual processing/distribution capacity: Over 5 million tons
  • Processing facilities: 9 with affiliates
  • Regional sales offices: 3
  • ISO/TS-16949, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and IATF-16949 Certified


Be a part of our success!

For over 60 years, Heidtman Steel has been a dynamic leader in the steel industry. Because we value our employees and their contributions, we experience very little employee turnover.

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Heidtman Steel Products, Inc.
Marketing and Sales
Phone: 800-521-9531


Heidtman Steel was formed in 1954 by Fredrick William Heidtman. At that time, the small company only offered leveling and shearing services. Heidtman Steel Products Inc. became incorporated in 1962.  

In subsequent years, the Ohio-based company expanded its capabilities, invested heavily equipment, and acquired or built additional facilities in the industrial Midwest. 

Steel slitting capabilities were greatly enhanced in the early 70s. By mid-decade, the automotive industry began seeking ways to reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency. Heidtman responded by pioneering the marketing of high strength low alloy sheet steels in the service center industry. Its sophisticated equipment, application expertise, and an ability to supply the most difficult high strength steel applications helped set Heidtman apart from the rest of the service center industry.  

In 1979, the company completed construction of its first continuous hydrochloric pickling facility in Erie, Michigan. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Heidtman dramatically expanded the size and scope of its operations, as it developed the largest pickling capacity of any service center in the U.S. In 1983, the Heidtman family retired their company stock, passing control of the company to the Bates family, who has continuously owned the company since that time.

When Steel Dynamics (SDI) was formed in 1993, Heidtman Steel was one of its five initial investors, and subsequently built two processing centers adjacent to the steel mill site in Butler, Indiana. This enabled Heidtman to be the first service center to market thin slab mill products to the automotive industry. Heidtman’s philosophy of building mill adjacent processing locations, started with Granite City, Illinois in 1983 and continues today. Heidtman Steel has processing facilities adjacent to most major U.S. steel mills.

Today the company operates facilities within Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio, serving customers across a wide variety of industries. Heidtman maintains its prominent position in pickling capacity and high strength expertise as it actively markets the next generation of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS).