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Extensive Inventory. Strategic Locations.

Offering a diverse product inventory from several mills adjacent processing centers. Heidtman Steel offers a full range of products requisite of a world-class service center network.



Assured Quality. Impressive Capacity.
Single-Source Efficiencies.

Heidtman’s wide variety of high-quality processing services provides our customers with the single-source efficiencies they demand. Through our extensive service center network, we’re able to control a wide variety of processes in locations throughout the nation’s leading industrial centers, further increasing our cost effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience to our customers.


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Heidtman at-a-Glance

  • Established 1954
  • Incorporated 1962
  • Production facilities: Over 2 million square feet
  • Annual processing/distribution capacity: Over 5 million tons
  • Processing facilities: 9 with affiliates
  • Regional sales offices: 3
  • ISO/TS-16949, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and IATF-16949 Certified


Be a part of our success!

For over 60 years, Heidtman Steel has been a dynamic leader in the steel industry. Because we value our employees and their contributions, we experience very little employee turnover.

For employment information or other Human Resources questions, contact our Human Resources department at



The 1 HS Team


1HS Team

Heidtman Steel embraces the “One Heidtman Team” philosophy – No one individual is more important than another, Heidtman values the individual strengths of each and every team member but how we all contribute to the organization together is what makes things happen!

The “One Heidtman Team” philosophy encompasses the additional core values.

Safety – All team members are active members of the safety team.  Heidtman strives to make the workplace a safe and secure place for all.  Each team member is aware of all safety/security guidelines and regulations.  Formal training is conducted and evaluated on an ongoing basis.  All work practices must always meet safety and security requirements. 

Continuous improvement – At Heidtman we strive to continually improve our processes, equipment, and systems in order to be a “world class” business. We encourage team members to
question the norms, think outside of the box and actively work towards improving the organization.

Integrity / Honesty – At Heidtman, we strive to show honesty and integrity both internally among fellow team members and externally with customers, vendors, and the community. “There is no grey between right and wrong” – John Bates Sr. (Owner of HSP)

Self-Development -  At Heidtman Steel, the most valuable resource are our team members.  We encourage team members to continue to improve their own skills to better themselves and increase contribution to the Heidtman team.

Together as “One Heidtman Team” we are all working towards common goals/mission.